Pros And Cons Of Skin Tanning

The scorching sun is a piece of good news for those who want to bathe their bodies under its golden beams. If on one hand there are people who avoid the sun on the other there are people who use the same golden sun for tanning their skins. It is for this reason that many people wait for summer desperately. As the summer gets closer the sun passionate start making plans for their happy moments under the sun. Some would love to go alone while there will be others who would love these tanning sessions with their friends. Visit for buy self tanning mitt.

Tanning has become a popular trend among beauty lovers but it is important to know that undergoing the tanning is not a child’s play. It involves both positive and negative things. It is very important for the person going for the tanning to remember both these aspects.

Here we have added the list of the good and the bad about the tanning so that you can make the right decision before going for tanning.


Once the skin gets tan, it is possible to hide the different issues going on with the skin like the commonly reported problems like acne, freckles, lines and dark spots.

Tanning adds beauty and glamour to the personality.

The UV rays are a rich source of vitamin D and so it assists in overcoming the deficiency.

It is a great opportunity to feel at ease after a hectic routine. People going to the spa for self tanning foam find it extremely soothing and relaxing.


UV radiations are good but overexposure can be hazardous for all skin types.

It is not safe to use tanning beds, especially at a young age. It is reported that such people suffer from melanoma.

Many experts believe that the UV rays alone are not adequate for the vitamin D. it is better to take them along with the other supplements, ampules or tablets that have vitamin D.

Skin is badly impacted by the exposure to the UV rays. The worst that anyone can expect is skin cancer.

Skin tanning is a very popular way of creating a stylish appearance. It is essential to remember that this process involves several factors. It is not less than any medical procedure hence, it has both the good and the bad. If it is advantageous for many at the same time it can be cursed as well. Thus, before deciding for the procedure keep it in mind if you want to undergo this or not.